Legion Commander

Legion Commanders exist all across the vast Infernal Realms. They are very powerful militant beings. Each Commander oversees legions that consist of thousands of Legionnaires. It is the Commander’s duty to lead his legions and make sure the orders given to him are carried out proficiently by his Legionnaires. To become a Commander takes ample time, training, skill, and dedication. Commanders must also possess the ability to be forceful and command thousands of demons at once.  A commander must be formidable. If the Commander is not well respected and domineering he will be overthrown from his prominent position. Believe me, there are many just below him that are waiting for the opportunity to take his place. To give you a general idea, at the slightest sign of weakness, it becomes like a pack of wolves who smell fear.

Commanders have a very sharp mind, for they must make quick and precise decisions in an instant, especially during battle. They are also extremely mighty in combat. They tend to demolish any who stand in their way. Commanders constantly exercise their minds and push their bodies to their limits, promoting higher levels of whit, strength, endurance, and stealth. They must remain in tip-top shape mentally and physically to be able to control thousands of militant Demons at once.

Legion Commanders take their orders directly from their General, the Demon Lord they have sworn an oath of service to, or Lord Lucifer himself. Just for clarification, when we say General we are referring to the highest Infernal Military rank this is directly under a Dark Lord. Each Dark Lord only has a few Generals. These beings will not ever be up for companionship. They are far too busy. The Dark Lords keep them well occupied.

Legion Commanders are proficient protectors and tend to be strict with their teachings. They usually are straightforward and blunt, unafraid to hold back. They do not dread what others think when they speak nor do they care if they offend anyone with the truth. Keep this in mind when you ask a Commander a question. Commanders are used to calling the shots, so they tend to be a bit confident and challenging. Because of their intense personalities and energy, Commanders are not suggested for the faint of heart. 

These quick-witted demons make superior protectors to keep on your side. They are extremely powerful and not much can get past them in a fight. Their abilities to think and act swiftly coupled with their immense level of combat skills and strength will keep you protected. If any spiritual being attempts to attack you there will only be two outcomes. One, they realize they are bested and they run for the hills, or two, they are overconfident and cease to exist. Commanders have tremendously strong energy. Usually, their energy alone will keep predators away, however, such strong energy may take you a little bit of time to adjust to.

These powerful demons excel in shifting energies in your surroundings to help you manifest your greatest desires. Commanders can be the strongest protector you will have in your spirit family. Remember, they have thousands of Legionnaires at their command and they are extraordinarily skilled in offensive and defensive combat. You can count on the demise of the being who tries to harm you.