The Kings and Queens we offer at Eden’s Apple are the authority and in charge of overseeing sub-realms. Within the colossal Infernal realm, are massive realms such as the Glacial, Solaren, Ecliptical, Mystic, Phanstamal, Hellborn, Lowborn etc realms, and within these main realms are thousands of smaller sub-realms. The Infernal is a vast place and even the sub-realms are quite large housing hundreds of thousands of demons in a single sub-realm. Think of the Infernal as the Universe, the realms as a galaxy, and the sub-realms as the planets, stars, and asteroids within that galaxy.

The  Kings and Queens are commanding and hold an immense amount of governing power. It is their job to instill order throughout their dominion. They create laws and ensure that their residents uphold these laws. Believe it or not, Demonic realms do have a sense of order in them that vary from realm to realm. Some realms are more organized than others, but rules are rules, and there are consequences if not followed.

The  Kings and Queens are highly intelligent, powerful, influential, and well versed in diplomacy. They prevent war, set up trades, and make decisions that are in the best interest of their realm. However, some wars need to be fought and no amount of diplomacy can stop them from happening. The Kings and Queens are also in charge of ensuring the safety of their sub-realm and the residents that dwell within. They have their very own legions to protect their borders in case a war is waged against them.

The King and Queen work closely with the Dark Lord (and his Generals at times) whose realm their sub-realm is located in. They have regular meetings and discuss politics. With this said, if the King or Queen is in need of assistance they can acquire aid from their respective Dark Lord. This also extends to help with defending their realm. If need be, they can call upon the Dark Lord’s massive and powerful legion to assist. Furthermore, It is also the King and Queen’s responsibility to teach the Prince and Princess proper diplomatic etiquette, for one day they shall reign in this sub-realm or another.

Kings and Queens are very resourceful companions and can assist you in a plethora of ways. If there is something you need assistance with that they are not well versed in, no worries, they have the capability to easily access others in their realm who are. They will obtain the knowledge or “manpower” needed to meet your needs.