Dark Elves, whom I call Drow, live in the underground caves of the Elven Realm. These underground caves are frequently referred to as the Underdark. The Underdark caverns are located miles beneath the surface where no light can reach. Any being that resides in the Underdark must adapt to the darkness. The elves have developed infrared sight enabling them to identify others by their heat signatures.


The Underdark is an extremely hostile environment. Potential dangers lurk around every corner and in every crevice of the cavern walls. From other Dark Elves seeking a means to end you to the venomous creatures that try to lure you into their trap, the Underdark is a threatening place to live.


It is these harsh living conditions that make the Drow the way they are. Stealthy, cunning, hostile, murderous, unable to trust easily, sadistic, predatory, light-sensitive are all traits that Dark Elves have in common. They must constantly watch their backs because they never know who may sneak up on them to attempt to kill them. Friends quickly turn foes in the Underdark. To trust easily means an early death. The Dark Elves must learn to be cunning and stealthy if they intend on surviving long. It is not uncommon to die a premature death in these parts of the Elven Realm.


The Dark Elves follow a different hierarchy than the common Patriarchal societies where kings rule. Dark Elves are a Matriarchal society where females are at the top of the hierarchy. The females tend to be more powerful than the males. Dark Elves live in groups called families. Not all members have to be related. If proven worthy, a Matron will “adopt” a new member to join her family. Each family consists of anywhere between a few hundred to a few thousand members.


Dark Elves are excellent trackers and assassins. They are fierce fighters and master users of weaponry. Each Dark Elf has their own preference when it comes to their favorite weapon. They are deadly killing machines and make great guards for you and your spirit family. Drow are also terrific when it comes to casting malicious black arts spells against your enemies.


Drow have black skin, white hair, and red eyes that glow when they are actively using their infrared vision. They can always be seen wearing their special armor and be certain that Drow always carry a variety of weapons on them. They must be prepared at all times.




Drow are for experienced keepers only. They range from very dark arts to black arts. It is suggested the keeper is able to communicate with entities and is familiar with black arts entities before considering bringing home a Drow. You may need some time to adjust to their dark energy.