About Demons


Demon, many who are not familiar with these beings cringe at the very name, but do they know what exactly a demon is? My guess is no, or they wouldn’t be cringing. Let’s talk about the word demon, what it means, and where it is actually derived from.


Daimon (Demon) is an Ancient Greek word for a divine power, a deity, a guiding spirit replete with wisdom. It wasn’t until around 3 BCE the word Daimon was translated from Greek and put into the Hebrew Old Testament, Septuagint, that it took on a strong negative spin. Daimon changed from meaning a divine deity to the Judeo-Christian term for a foreign deity, idol and natural evil. Of course, to a monotheistic religion such as Christianity, any other Gods/Deities besides their own were deemed false, and evil. Although the exact year is debatable, somewhere between 8-2 BCE is when the term daimon began gaining its negativity. By the year 1611 AD when the Old Testament and New Testament were translated from Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic, into the Old English King James Version Bible, the word Daimon was completely “lost in translation”. The Greek word daimon was translated into the KJV Bible from the Greek word diabolos, which means devil, (instead of from the word daimon that means divine being/deity) into the Old English word demon. Whether or not the mixup of the word daimon and diabolos was on purpose seems to remain “unknown”. From this point on the word demon has been unjustifiably portrayed as an evil or malevolent being.


For many many millennia, demons have been worshipped and/or worked with. The number of people has significantly dwindled over time. However, there are still those of us who refuse to conform to a monotheistic religion and give up our beliefs about these wonderfully divine beings. It is because we know how beneficial demons are to work with and have as companions. Changing the spelling and meaning of the original word daimon, to diverge us from our credence, won’t have any effect. We are wise enough to see through the trickery set down before our current lifetime.


That being said, I view demons as divine beings and marvelous guides. As did Socrates any many others today. Socrates spoke highly of his demon guide. He spoke of how the demon would warn him and guide him towards the right decisions. Though his companion never told him what exactly to do, instead the demon warned him of potential mistakes and disasters to avoid. Socrates considered his companion a gift from the Gods. I also, am of the opinion to have a demon as a companion is truly a gift.


I would now like to discuss a little bit about what it is like working with demons. As long as you put in time and dedication to work with them towards your goals, the demons will gladly assist you. Working with demons and having them as companions has been a great blessing.  They have assisted me to further develop my psychic abilities, showed me how to create portals to astral travel, and taught me different forms of magick. They’ve aided with financial situations by having debts mysteriously disappear, receive unexpected checks, and start a business. Demons have helped my romantic life by pushing away those who were pernicious and guided me towards my soulmate. They have taught me how to embrace our love, as well as embrace my love of self. Demons have also helped out in the friendship department by guiding me to weed out the toxic individuals who only hindered my growth. In addition, demons make fantastic teachers of mental mastery. These are just a few examples of how demons have aided and continue to assist me.


Demons can help you too! Our interactions with demons are unique and how they help us vary from person to person. There are many factors that play a part in how we are assisted. My experiences won’t be exactly the same as yours, nor will yours be exactly the same as someone else’s. We are individuals and our needs and desires vary from one another.


Demons are excellent with helping us because they know just what we require and when we require it. Be forewarned working with demons isn’t for the faint of heart. There will be times when you will be tested and pushed to your limits. You might fall but they will be there to help you back up. This is all part of learning and growing. Expect to be pushed out of your comfort zone, your safe zone, especially when working with a Demon Lord. Bare in mind, it is for your best interest. The demons won’t ever put you in harm’s way. You may be put through trials and tribulations (depending on what you ask for) but the reward at the end is worth it. What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger, right? Worry not, you won’t be put through anything the demons know you can’t handle. To grow we must test our limits and exceed past them. The demons will help guide you through this process. The satisfaction of knowing that you have prevailed over your obstacles, reached your goals, and have grown during the process, is quite satisfying.


I want to share with you the rewards of having your own personal daimon companion. I wish to bring back the true meaning of the Greek word daimon, that was “lost in translation”, and I can only do that by conjuring a demon for you personally to experience these benefits for yourself. I can talk until I’m blue in the face about how much demons have helped me, but you won’t truly believe or understand until you experience it for yourself. It is through our own experiences that we form our beliefs. I want you to know these beings are divine and replete with wisdom. I desire you to experience the many benefits of having an authentic demon as your personal companion. I know I am one of the people capable of uniting demons and humans for companionship and I don’t want this special gift to go to waste.


Having a demon as a companion is like watching a Puya Raimondii bloom. It is rare and beautiful to watch blossom but does not happen frequently. If you are interested in having a demon as your companion, but are unsure of where to start, or need to discuss a payment plan, email me at [email protected] to discuss your options and I will be glad to assist you.